kheer recipe for Diwali festival 2016

By | October 17, 2015

Kheer Recipe for diwali festival…..

lets start step by step chawal ki kheer or rice kheer recipe:

1. rinse and soak ¼ cup basmati rice for 30 mins.

rice for kheer recipe

2. heat 1 litre full fat milk in a wide pan or sauce pan and let it come to a boil.

boil milk for making rice kheer

3. drain the rice and add it to the simmering milk.

add rice to milk

4. next add 5 to 6 tbsp sugar or as required. on a low flame let the rice cook in the milk.

sugar for rice kheer

6. once the rice is more than halfway done, add a pinch of saffron, cardamom powder (6 green cardamom crushed in a mortar-pestle), 15-20 blanched & peeled sliced almonds, 12-15 chopped cashews. stir.

preparing rice kheer recipe

7. when the rice has cooked completely and the rice kheer has thickened to the desired consistency, switch off the fire and add 1 tbsp golden raisins.

making rice kheer recipe

8. pour the rice kheer in individual serving bowls. you can serve the rice kheer, hot or warm or chilled.

Happy Diwali To All Of You ……

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