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Hello , Today We’re Giving Dhanteres Pooja Vidhi & Mahurat details , so check it here

Dhanteras 2015 at Monday, on 9th of November.

The timings for Dhanteras puja are given below:

Pradosh Kal:This is the time period after sunset and it spans 1 hours and 10 minutes. Deep Dan (placing lamps in front of Yam Dev) and Lakshmi Puja are the special highlights of this festive occasion.

Chaughadia Muhurat

Some of the auspicious timings suggested by astrologers for businessmen to perform a puja on Dhanteras 2015 are:


Pradosh Kaal Muhurat


Dhanteras Puja Muhurta 19:04 to 20:15
Duration 1 Hour 10 Mins
Pradosh Kaal 17:41 to 20:15
Vrishabha Kaal 19:04 to 21:00

Dhanteras Mantra

मृत्युना पाशदण्डाभ्यां कालेन च मया सह।
त्रयोदश्यां दीपदानात सूर्यज: प्रीयतामिति॥

Puja Samagri for the Dhanteras Puja

  • One Deepak/Diya made of flour dough with 4 wicks
  • Sacred Water and a Spoon
  • Coins
  • Aasan to be seated on
  • Sweets
  • Kheel ,Batasha
  • Dhoop, Dhoopdaan
  • Wicks, Oil/Ghee and Matchbox
  • A Shell with a hole
  • Flowers,
  • Rice, Roli

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